Farah Tex-Med Kitchen

Ferah Tex-Med Kitchen

Ferah Tex-Med is a restaurant chain that specializes in Mediterranean and American fusion cuisine. Ferah is the product of a lifelong dream and nearly two decades of experience in gourmet kitchens and luxury hotels around the world. Always fresh with locally sourced ingredients, Ferah’s diverse menu offers dishes for a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. When you dine at Ferah, you feel like family!


Tex-Med cuisine (Modern Mediterranean with a Texan Twist) was created by co-founder Chef Burak Ozcan in 2016 after combining the food of his Mediterranean heritage with his love of Texan flavors. Burak and his partners formed Ferah Tex-Med Kitchen in September 2018 and officially opened the restaurant’s first location in Garland, Texas in June 2019. After thriving despite the pandemic they expanded and opened the restaurant’s second location in Southlake, Texas in July 2022.


Ferah Tex-Med was founded by Burak Ozcan, Stephanie Ozcan, and Jeremy Berlin on September 12, 2018. Burak serves as the Executive Chef and Head of Operations for the Garland location. Jeremy oversees accounting, and sales and is Head of Operations in Southlake. Stephanie is the Head of Marketing, Customer Experience, and designs the interior of all Ferah restaurants.